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Communicate accurate visual information smarter

AnsuR’s software can reduce bandwith needs by 99%.

AnsuR researhes, designs and sells ionnovative software solutions wich optimaze bandwith use when communicating photos and videos.


The ASIGN software can save up to 99% bandwidth. It provides an interactive solution to send and receive relevant high-resolution visual content. It helps mission-critical users with rapid, reliable and accurate visual situational awareness and optimized photo / video communication via software tools for professional users, volunteers, satcom and UAV operations


ASMIRA is the most flexible and robust video streaming software for satellite communication and low rate networks. It is a receiver-driven solution that enables high-resolution real-time video where high or stable bandwidth may be a challenge, such as when using mobile satcom, or from remote locations, planes, ships and drones. ASIMRA enables the receiver of the video to choose how the visual information is sent (framerate, resolution, regions etc.,) according to their needs.


RAIDO provides the ultimate photo and video communications software for operational and tactical decision-making. RAIDO UAV specifically combines the capabilities of ASIGN and ASMIRA for UAV satcom, supporting the communication of live video streaming, video clips, still frames or high-resolution photos. RAIDO UAV is mobile satellite communication optimized and can send HD images at data rates under 100 kbps.

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