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Et av Norges mest innovative droneselskaper


Besøk Proxpect Drones

Proxpect Drones AS is a Norway-based provider of commercial drone services and value adding data and insight to B2B clients and public entities.


Using drones equipped with cameras we scan buildings and other industrial infrastructure to find deviations, e.g humidity, infiltrations, faults that affect duration of the materials.  Thereafter, the images are processed with our proprietary solution for image analysis.  Based on the analysis,  the customer is provided with a report outlining maintenance and repair needs, so that our clients can optimize OPEX, CAPEX and lifetime of the asset.

The solution is safer, more effective and sustainable compared to traditional methods.

Our customers are some of the biggest names in the Norwegian real estate sector.

We have more than a decade of experience in unmanned aviation and our image analysis database is one of the largest in Norway.

The company is based out of Lier, Norway.  Managing Director is Dan Richard Isdahl-Engh who leads a team of 10 persons.

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